1 cubic yard of mulch will typically cover 100 sq. ft. 3” deep.


Premium Triple Shred Hardwood Bark
Double Shred Hardwood Bark

Natural hardwood, pine, and cedar mulch provides an organic natural solution to ground cover in yards and plant beds.  Daniel’s Supply Company is a manufacturer and bulk supplier of quality hardwood, pine, and cedar mulch. These mulches are made on site daily to assure the quality, contents, and consistency of these products. We purchase large quantities of bulk raw materials to meet customers’ year-round demands.

Hardwood mulch is made from solely RAW HARDWOOD BARK and is ground in either triple or double ground size.  Our hardwood bark mulch is ideal for landscape applications and provides important coverage and protection for trees and shrubs.  Hardwood mulch is great on slopes and protects from erosion and wash-outs.  It is commonly installed around trees and shrubs to retain moisture that helps them survive the tough summer heat.  10-25% reduction in soil moisture loss from evaporation is achieved from mulching trees and shrubs.  Mulch the entire root zone area in 3” of hardwood mulch and pull the mulch back 2-3” from the base of trees and shrubs to prevent decay.  Hardwood mulch also keeps weeds from popping up but simply covering weeds will not work; weeds must be removed before mulch is installed.  Hardwood bark is recommended for any and everyone looking for a premium reddish brown pure hardwood product as ground cover in plant and landscape beds.

Daniel’s Supply hardwood is our best selling mulch and has quickly become a staple for many customers in yards and landscapes.

Pine Mulch

Pine Bark Nuggets
Pine Bark Mini Nuggets
Pine Bark Fines

Pine mulch is made from solely RAW PINE BARK and is ground or screened into our various pine products.  The triple, double, and mini nuggets are great choices for landscape beds they provide the same important features as the hardwood mulch just a little different color and texture.  The pine fines are widely used as a potting media and are great in small annual beds or as an amendment in gardens.


Shredded Cedar
Cedar mulch is made solely from RAW CEDAR WOOD FIBER this is a great choice if you want a true blonde/red wood look with a fresh cedar smell.  Cedar is a long lasting mulch with the same great features as hardwood and pine.


Red Designer Mulch

Brown Designer Mulch

Black Designer Mulch

Designer mulch is a pure wood product that has been dyed using non-toxic dye to obtain the various colors listed below.  This product has longer lasting color than natural mulch and is ideal for high end landscapes that desire a specific look and texture.  Designer Mulch typically holds its color for one year depending upon the amount of direct sunlight.


IPEMA Certified Playground
Our playground mulch is a certified playground cushion widely used and approved for playgrounds in North Carolina.  This product spread at the correct depth provides safety and cushion in and around play areas.  It is a pure wood product that provides a wood look and the safety of a natural product specifically designed for your play area.

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